Thursday, 17 February 2011

Translation of Egypt Tahrir hit ‘Voice of Freedom’ صوت الحرية

You may have heard this awesome song ‘Sawt alhurriyya’ that has emerged from the Egyptian protests and since received almost 900,000 Youtube views. In the video, the artists Amir Eid, Hany Adel and Hawary get fellow protesters to mime the words.
Here’s the transcript and English translation. The original is in Egyptian colloquial Arabic and I shall write it in Arabic letters. The Qaf ق becomes ‘ (like a hamza ء ) and ج  becomes a ‘g’ sound. Here's the video:

نزلت وقلت أنا مش راجع
 وكتبت بدمي في كل شارع
I went down [to the demonstration] and said I’m not turning back   
I wrote it in my blood on each street

سمّعنا اللي مكش سامع
واتكسرت كل الموانع
We made ourselves heard to all those who wouldn’t listen                         
All the barriers have been brought down

سلاحنا كان أحلامنا
وبكرة واضح قدامنا
من زمان بنمستنى
بمندوّر مش لاقين مكانا
Our dreams were our weapon
And tomorrow is bright/clear ahead of us
We’ve been waiting for a long time
We’ve been seeking but not finding our place

Chorus )x2)-

في كل شارع في بلادي
صوت الحرية بينادي
In every street of my country                                                     
The voice of freedom is calling

رفعنا رأسنا في السماء
والجوع مبقاش بيهمنا
أهم حاجة حقنا
ونكتب تاريخنا بدمنا
لو كنت واحد مننا
بالش ترغي وتقول لنا
نمشي ونسيب حلمنا
وبطول تقول كلمة أنا
We raised our heads to the sky                                     
Hunger no longer bothers us   
The most important thing is our right(s)
and we are writing our history in our blood

If you are one of us, stop "prattling" and telling us to go away and leave our dreams behind
Stop saying the word ‘me’                                                                                                                        

(chorus till fade)

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