Friday, 4 February 2011

The video that sparked a revolution

When 26 year old Asmaa Mahfouz made this Vlog appeal to Egyptians to come out in protest, she could not have imagined that events would spiral into a full-scale revolution. She is now widely accredited for posting the video that spark the Egyptian revolution. There is already a Wikipedia page about it- which pretty much makes it official. 

The internet-savvy Egyptian is a founder of the April 6 Movement that was born out of facebook and twitter; a generation previously passive but now mobilized to fervent activism. Asmaa lost her accountancy job because of her political activism and her family faced harassment from the Egyptian authorities. Now, at just 26, Asmaa is a symbol of hope for the Arab youth. And yes, she's a woman. 

Here's her video (with English subtitles) that she posted on Jan 18, a week before the Day of Rage.

Here is Asmaa Mahfouz’s blog-

See also Equal Rights Takes to the Barricades by Mona El-Naggar from the New York Times

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