Saturday, 23 April 2011

Influential Sheikh gives Fatwa allowing church building in Muslim countries

القرضاوي يفتي بإباحة بناء الكنائس في بلاد المسلمين

Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qardawi, President of the International Union of Islamic Scholars, has pronounced a Fatwa (Islamic decree) in 2008 allowing Christians living in Muslim nations to build churches. This comes on the back of the inauguration of Qatar’s first church, the Catholic Lady of the Rosary Church. Since then, at least four more churches belonging to various denominations have opened their doors.

Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qardawi
   The renowned moderate Sheikh is based in Qatar where he    often appears on Aljazeera’s Sharia and Life television show, and has not held back in lending his full support to the wave of Arab revolutions that have struck the Middle East recently; having preached in Tahrir Square in Cairo during the last days of Mubarak’s regime, and denouncing the rule of dictators.

  Qardawi said that allowing the building of churches is firmly based in Islamic Jurisprudence (or Fiqh). However, proponents of other schools of Islamic thought have condemned the move, pointing out that their interpretation of Islamic texts does not permit the presence of non-Muslim worshippers on Muslim land. The Lady of our Rosary Church in Doha attracts 5,000 worshippers, although it is not allowed a bell, steeple or even to have a sign or cross on the building’s exterior.

The Lady of the Rosary Church in Doha
The Fatwa came in response to a question posed by a resident of Qatar concerning the legality of profits for Muslims who build the churches. Qardawi made it clear that Muslims are permitted to participate in Church construction.

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