Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Syrian revolution in caricatures

Here is a selection of some of the cartoons that have emerged from the Syrian opposition during the revolution there:

The writing in the top part says, "before the lifting of the state of emergency", and the bottom part says, "after lifting the state of emergency". The text at the bottom is a slogan that has become popular among the opposition- "the Syrian people knows its way"

"No to the terrorism perpetrated by the regime"

A play on the popular slogan 'the people want a change of the regime', this banner says "Bashar wants the people to change".

"Death but never humiliation"

'Hafez al-Assad'

"Syrians have set off towards freedom, they will not be stopped"

The business directory- every business listed here is named after Rami Makhlouf- the billionaire cousin of Bashar Al-Assad who controls much of the economy. There's Makhlouf Airways, Makhlouf Pizza, Makhlouf Hotel and Makhlouf Stores.

like father like son

شحار means something like blackened/ covered in soot (unless it has a particular Syrian meaning)

"our revolution is peaceful. No sectarianism or hooliganism/ sabotaging.. equality, justice, free media, freedom ..."


  1. "Death or humiliation" should be "Death but never humiliation" I suppose.