Friday, 8 June 2012

Video emerges of Saudi man humiliating Bangladeshi worker

A video has emerged in recent days of a Saudi national humiliating and degrading a Bangladeshi man who appears to be employed by him. The Saudi man filmed the episode on his mobile and is seen slapping his victim after he apparently disparaged the Saudi government.

The victim is seen begging for his parents' livelihood as his Saudi attacker interrogates him as to why he purportedly said bad things about the Saudi government. Despite his repeated apologies and denials, the Bangaldeshi man is hit and humiliated even more. The most disturbing thing in video is how the Saudi man forces his victim to kiss his hand and feet, and spits on him. He also made his victim disparage himself and his family by calling them animals and praising the Saudi government.
Let's be absolutely clear about this. Such behaviour on the part of (male) Saudi citizens towards non-white foreigners is not exactly rare. South Asian workers who get on the wrong side of their hosts often go missing, are tortured, and are treated like scum in a society whose vast oil reserves have only exacerbated its chronic and unprecedented state of backwardness and contempt for others. 

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  1. Absolutely disgusting and they claim to follow Islam well it's not the Islam the rest of the Muslims follow. This is another example of Saudi/Arab Islam where we as Arabs humiliate and discriminate against those who are not Arab. Horrible, horrible, horrible and it will come back on them whether you call it karma or God