Sunday, 13 October 2013

28 letters...make up the Universe

And what is the truth about the library?
The Library is the Universe
The library... is the Universe!

It’s true, the library is the Universe. Do you know what the basic material
 is that forms the library?

No, letters are what form the library, and this is the miracle. Just twenty-eight were enough to form the Universe.

What do you mean?

Don’t you feel amazed when you think that all the books in here are made up of twenty-eight letters? Put a letter next to another and you’ll create a word. Rearrange them, and you’ll create a different word. Put three letters together and create a noun, with three others you’ll make a verb. Put the noun with the verb and you’ll create an event, you’ll tell a story, a life story emerges. Twenty-eight letters, billions of nouns, billions of verbs, billions and billions of possibilities, events and stories. Don’t you feel the magnitude when something happens, the awe? Aren’t you humbled, and feel so insignificant in the midst of this enormous library, a library made up of twenty-eight letters?

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  1. Hey, absolutely love this website. Have you ever read 'The Library of Babel' by Borges? This post reminded me of it!