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Arabic over Coffee is a new regular series of inspiring little tidbits of Arabic 
with translation that you can enjoy over a coffee.
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People need two years to learn how to speak, and sixty years to learn how to keep quite

Three things are terribly difficult!
-being an emigrant in your home land
-a soul we love draped in a shroud
-a lover without feeling like an idol

There are people who when you meet them... you feel as if 
you are meeting yourself
-Ghada Samman

 You said
I love you
I went out to the street
because the the ceiling 
could't contain me

He answered, "Artists and mice are the most sensitive creatures to danger, 
but when mice sense danger they throw themselves in the sea... 
As for artists, they ring the bell that they might wake up the sleepers

-How have you been living all these years?
-Who told you I was living? I was floating on the surface of life.

With you, expressing myself is impossible.

Life is a fuzzy television

We are living in Al Jahiliya (age of ignorance) but with electricity

 The farewell letter from (Gabriel Garcia) Marquez to his loved ones and friends from his sick bed.

If God, for a second, forgot what I have become and granted me a little bit more of life, I would use it to the best of my ability.
I wouldn’t, possibly, say everything that is in my mind, but I would be more thoughtful l of all I say.
I would give merit to things not for what they are worth, but for what they mean to express.
I would sleep little, I would dream more, because I know that for every minute that we close our eyes, we waste 60 seconds of light.
I would walk while others stop; I would awake while others sleep.
If God would give me a little bit more of life, I would dress in a simple manner, I would place myself in front of the sun, leaving not only my body, but my soul naked at its mercy.
To all men, I would say how mistaken they are when they think that they stop falling in love when they grow old, without knowing that they grow old when they stop falling in love.

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