Sunday, 13 October 2013

Islam and responsibility vs other religions

"When it comes to Islam, some would not hesitate at all to blame it for all the miseries suffered, and still suffered by Muslim societies. I am not criticizing this narrative simply because it is unfair, but because it renders world events completely unknown…

For centuries similar things were said about Christianity before it was discovered that the religion was in fact capable of change and development. I am convinced that this also applies to Islam, but I can understand completely the concerns some people have. I believe we will need time, - a lot of time; perhaps generations before we obtain the proof that the spectacle before us in Algeria and Afghanistan, and virtually everywhere else, - one built on violence, Salafism, tyranny and oppression is not the nature of Islam, just as we emphasise that the burnings of the Inquisition or the divinity of the monarchy were not inherently Christian."

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