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Arabic over Coffee is a new regular series of inspiring little tidbits of Arabic 
with translation that you can enjoy over a coffee.
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The most beautiful thing said; live spontaneously

 I hope that you're well, that your eyes sleep at night?

فتجلى لي كل شيء وعرفت 
Everything became apparent to me and I knew

Women don't come from a man's rib at all..
He emerges from her pelvis..
As a fish emerges from a basin of water
he emerges from her,
As streams pour from from the river..
He orbits the Sun of her eyes..
imagining that he is stationary 

What does it mean for a man to be a man in a country that has lost its manhood?
What does it mean for a woman to be a woman in a country in which females pay a heavy price?

لئن شكرتم لأزيدنكم
 If you are are grateful, I will surely give you more and more
لئن here is a conditional particle (الشرط) i.e. 'if X happens, then Y..'. It is not the same as لو which is a hypothetical conditional particle (إفتراض) i.e. when there is a limited possibility of something occurring.
There is a lam ل at the beginning of  لأزيدنكم. This is like لام التعليل in that it indicates that the answer to the conditional follows i.e.  If_____, ل_____.
The nun ن in أزيدنكم is known in grammar as نون التوكيد and is seen usually in classical texts like the Quran. It serves simply to emphasise the verb it appears in, hence the english translation 'surely'.

She and I

She is the delicate light
that scatters the dark of the darkness
and I am the long shadow
that accompanies her in every alleyway

Not prohibited

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