Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Arabic over Coffee (p4)

Page 4
See the justice around you..
there's always someone nearby keeping a loving eye on you 
but you don't know it

There is a desire within me to see you
 but I don't know how to grasp it.
You venture to places I don't go
and you go places I won't meet you

Don't be like those that live the first part of their lives anticipating the second, 
and who live the second part regreting that they wasted the first.

Be beautiful
Say 'thank you' and 'please'
greet people and say hello
Give advice and smile at people
Remove harm out of the way
and mention God in your silence.
The little things that make you more beautiful

The morning breaths 
extending out its breeze to your heart, caressing you
like an old friend
It came to tell you: that hope remains as long as you're breathing
You smile and greet the morning in your heart.

Frustration is rampant in our societies
because we gave up on joy
and turned away from rejoicing.
We forgot that the little moments of joy store up bigger joys
and that the sea begins in a drop, and the tree stands forth from a seed

We feign indifference a lot of the time
We get bored of waiting.. thinking drains us
we pretend to forget
But we never forget

That loneliness you feel when a loved one lets you down..
no one can fill it, even if everyone intervenes 

If only all our days were Winter

A memory's smell always sticks to everything,
everywhere, and to everyone..
there's no use forgetting them or pretending to forget

A fallen feather does not mean a fallen bird

From that glance, Beautiful Eyes
Something trapped the air in my chest

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