Friday, 16 January 2015

South Koreans flock to study Arabic

Arabic is enjoying high demand among South Korean students. Six universities in the country offer courses in Arabic and related courses including Quranic studies, translation, literature and foreign policy for around 50 years.

One such university is Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFSin Seoul where faculty member Yun, Eun Kyeong explains one the reasons for student's eagerness to sign up to Arabic classes:


"بدأت كوريا تشهد زيادة كبيرة وملحوظة في حجم التبادل الثنائي بين قري والعالم العربي"
"The sharp growth in bilateral exchange between South Korean and the Arab world"
The university sends its students to study Arabic language and culture in the Middle East, and to improve relations with the region. 

Conversely, many Arabs are enamoured of South Korea and can relate to it's culture and recent history as a country that managed to  break away relatively recently from the yoke of dictatorship, shares a nuclear neighbour, and is proud of its conservative traditions. 

إقبال شديد على تعلم اللغة العربية لدى الكوريين

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